The consequences of climate change will put public infrastructures increasingly at risk. In order to ensure that essential basic needs such as energy and transport are met, both the state and the utilities sector will need to consider adaptation measures in good time. This is where the Chameleon Research Group came in. It investigated and developed government and business adaptation measures for companies which provide public utility services in the energy and transport sector. At the same time it examined the best ways of coordinating the action taken by government and industry.

The research project was directed at scientific and political communities, government agencies, utility companies and industry trade associations, which are facing an increasing need to address adaptation to climate change.

Project Goals

Research Design

The research group analyzed economic policy instruments and links them to climatological scenarios and case studies effected at selected companies which are actively involved in the project. Qualitative and quantitative methods as well as economic models were used to perform compatibility analyses; the results are systematically generalized by means of the archetype approach


The project aimed to initiate societal change towards successful adaption to climate change. The following products were planned:

Project Management


Financial aid for the project was provided within the Socio-Ecological Research (SÖF) as part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) program to promote young research talent.

Project Duration

1 October 2009 – 30 September 2014